What is Mesh?

Mesh is the first fully integrated real-time communication platform for Higher Education Institutions. What does this mean, you ask? Essentially, students & faculty on and off campus are able to communicate with anyone at their University via real-time direct message or group chat without having to acquire personal phone numbers and email addresses. The beautiful thing about Mesh is: group chats for a student and professor’s current classes are automatically created for them and are accessible immediately upon login. All users have to do is sign in using their University email and password.

Mesh is one unified communication platform that fulfills a University member every need

What problems does Mesh solve?

If you ask a student, “How do you communicate with your entire class outside of the classroom?” They won’t have an answer. Currently, Universities depend on antiquated email systems and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for campus communication.

As a member of 21st Century society, you must already be aware of the problems with email:

1. Spam from every corner of the Internet
2. Low response rates
3. Slow response times
4. Not formatted for groups
5. Overseen messages
6. Spam
7. Did we say spam?

Aside from email, professors are trying to leverage the University LMS as a communication tool. Unfortunately, this is exactly what it is not. The LMS is a tool for professors to manage curriculum and facilitate grades. The LMS is not a tool for interpersonal communication. Problem? I think so.

To solve these problems, students form their own personal groups with their peers using free messaging applications such as GroupMe and WhatsApp. Although this solves the problem for a few kids in the class, it fails to include the entire class and everyone else on campus.

Beyond the classroom, students and faculty are included in other communities on campus such as student organizations, departments, teams, and events. While everyone is a member of different communities, these groups are relying on email for their communication. As previously stated, email has countless problems.

What are the key features of Mesh?

Mesh is a communication platform built by students and faculty, for students and faculty. The founders have deep insight into the challenges students and faculty face in the way of communication on and off campus.

Below are the key features of Mesh accompanied by a brief description.

University Integration

Mesh integrates with University data systems to bring every member of campus onto a unified platform for communication and collaboration. This allows members of the University the ability to connect and collaborate with anyone on campus without having to retrieve personal phone numbers or rely on email.

Data Parsing

Part of the Mesh integration is data parsing. Data parsing means that Mesh scans the University data and places users into groups that already exist naturally, such as courses, residence halls, departments, student organizations, or other groups at the sole discretion of the University.

Real-Time Messaging & File Sharing

Every message and file sent in Mesh is sent in real-time. That is, they’re immediately sent and received by end-users. Mesh is not a forum. Mesh is not a discussion board. Mesh is not email. Communicating in Mesh is sending a text message.

Direct & Group Messaging

In Mesh, users have the option to create direct messages, which are private conversations between two people. Direct messages are great to communicate with professors, peers, advisors, or anyone else on campus. Users also have the ability to create private group conversations. These are conversations with more than two people and are great for study groups, friend groups, social groups, and any other type of group someone is apart of.


Communities are a new innovation by Mesh. A community is a group with smaller sub-groups within. For example: a student organization can create a community, and from there, there will be a conversation called “All Members”, which encompasses all members of the student organization. Beyond All Members, students are able to create additional groups within the student organization, such as “Freshman” or “Event Planning Group”. Pretty handy, huh?

Class Groups

Remember your time in college, those classes with 100, 200 students? How handy would it be to have group communication for all of your classes? Having the ability to send a quick message to your entire class about an assignment, question, test, or just to see if anyone is in the library. Mesh makes this possible. Mesh comes pre-populated with student and professors current classes so they don’t have to create it manually. No asking for phone numbers, no adding emails. All you have to sign in and the entire class is there.

The Feed

Unique to Mesh is The Feed. The Feed is where a user can find all new Mesh activity such as incoming messages and group invitations. Regardless of how much activity a user has in Mesh, all new information can be found in one consolidated feed.

Explore Mesh

In Mesh, users have the ability to search their entire Mesh application. Through Explore Mesh, users can search for people, files, student groups, and communities at their University. This discovery feature is extremely handy for students looking to find their niche on campus, reach out to a member of their University to get in touch with, or simply access a file that has previously been shared.

Emergency Safety

Mesh creates a new level of campus safety. In Mesh, there is a simple panic button as a resource for students who feel unsafe on campus. By clicking the button, students will send an alerts to specific campus representatives selected by the University, and also personal contacts selected by the individual users. Feel unsafe? Simply hit the button to alert campus officials and peers. They are able to get in touch with you instantly through Mesh.

Administrative Console

The last key feature in Mesh is the Administrative Console. The Mesh Admin Console allows super administrators at the University to send targeted announcements to select groups on campus. Admins can send a message to everyone on campus, all faculty, all students, or other targeted groups.

Mesh is the most powerful messaging application on the market and has been certified by iKeepSafe as FERPA Compliant.

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