Mesh facilitates a sense of belonging and inclusion on campus… from day 1

Benefits of Mesh

Mesh is an engagement machine that fuels conversations, facilitates collaboration, and helps facilitate a new sense of belonging on campus.


Engage, include, learn, build, succeed.

Include and engage students before they step foot on campus. Increase their chances of success by providing access to resources, classmates, professors, advisors, and more.


Engage, collaborate, include, instruct, inspire.

Engage students even when class is not in session. Collaborate with colleagues to provide the best learning experience. Inspire students to reach for the stars.


Retain, engage, optimize, promote, secure.

Optimize to better engage and retain students and faculty. Promote events, promotions, and other relevant materials.

Mesh Your Campus

Bring every member of your University together on one unified communication platform. No matter who you are or where you live, Mesh puts your University in your pocket for seamless communication and collaboration.


Exclusive Features

Sense of belonging

Mesh serves as an engagement machines that fuels conversation and collaboration among students and staff

Communicate on any device

The average response time for an email is 24-48 hours, if at all. The average response time in Mesh is 90 seconds. How do you want to communicate?

Search like Google

Find people, files, communities and so much more with a simple keyword

Organize your conversations

Communities in Mesh allow you to break a department, committee, residence hall, or student organization down into smaller conversations.

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Available on all devices, giving you the ability to keep your entire campus or enterprise in your pocket.

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