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Benefits of Mesh

Mesh encourages collaboration among employees, departments and management.

Airports and industry

Operate, interact, promote, build, maintain.

Operate remotely, interact from anywhere. Promote company-wide awareness in order to build and maintain strong teams.


Captivate, encourage, teach, influence.

Captivate students from their first day on campus. Encourage communication and influence students and staff alike to stay up-to-date on everything from due dates to group meetings.


Motivate, inspire, assist, produce, share.

Motivate your employees by keeping them connected. Inspire group collaboration that produces valuable work and promotes idea sharing.

Mesh Your Workforce No matter what industry you are in…

From Airports, Hospitals, Hotels to Manufacturing, Construction and beyond… Mesh connects all aspects of your business through one unified communication platform.

Mesh makes communication and collaboration effortless, producing valuable work from teams across your enterprise.


Learn what's possible with Mesh

Not all employees sit behind a computer all day. For a lot of workers, some things are simply not communicated because organizations lack a way to reach employees and teams. Mesh is the team app that connects workforces through one centralized communications platform. With Mesh, managers can reach employees anywhere. Teams can better communicate.

Real time communication

Issue announcements, facilitate recognition and keep your team in sync no matter where your employees are.

Digitize your organization

Members can discover and explore their community through pre-defined department channels, direct, and group messages that allow for file sharing and saving.

Message Delivered/ Read Confirmation

Verify and followup with employees about events, safety alerts and schedules.

Industry Leading Security

Mesh is FERPA certified, GDPR compliant and HIPPA secure to ensure quality and safety at every step.

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Available on all devices, giving you the ability to keep your entire campus or enterprise in your pocket.

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