Communication is one of the most important things businesses do.

Let Mesh bring real-time messaging to your small business or enterprise. Mesh promotes collaboration among project teams and encourages a sense of community in and out of the office.

Versatile Communication

With the ability to communicate quickly and effortlessly, your team is unstoppable.

Still using an email? The average response time is 24-48 hours, if at all. Using Mesh, the average response time is 90 seconds. Business moves quickly, make sure your communication does too.

Collaboration for all

Mesh makes collaboration easy. Team conversations are easily searchable, manageable and shareable.

Keeping your teams and tasks organized makes for more efficient communication.

File sharing, optimized

Most businesses work with multiple different file types on a daily basis. Mesh gives you the ability to instantly share, preview, and save any type of file, improving productivity.

Hassle-free sharing and saving, made to simplify the communication process

Organize your Conversations

Still using a listserv? No more. Mesh provdies for extremely organized team conversations using communities

Break your entire enterprise into sub-groups called “communities” Create a community for each department, division, team, administrative and executive staff, as well as fielded personnel. Now your organization can communicate in real time

Any Device

Pick Mesh up wherever you are, whether you’re on campus or abroad.

Sales Brochure

Everything you need to know about bringing Mesh to your Small Business or Enterprise.


Paired with Admin Control

Mass announcements, alerts, data analytics, and so much more.

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Benifits of using Mesh for your team

Mesh redefines communication and collaboration.

Mesh creates an entirely new communication and collaboration experience for your enterprise. From day-one, real-time communication is brought to your entire workforce.

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Available on all devices, giving you the ability to keep your entire campus or enterprise in your pocket.

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