So, what is Mesh? Why is it valuable? What makes Mesh different from something such as GroupMe or Slack?

It’s simple.

Mesh is a messaging application for your entire University. When deployed by the school, you, as a user, have the ability to tap into all of your University resources, not just the 20 people who are in your custom-made GroupMe group or Slack team.

When Mesh is deployed to a full campus, it can be used in many dynamic ways.

Mesh can be used inside and outside of the classroom.

Mesh can be used by residence halls.

Mesh can be used by student organizations.

Mesh can be used by sports teams.

Mesh can be used by departments and committees.

Mesh can be used by advisors.

Mesh can be used by study abroad groups and student trips.

Mesh can be used for University event planning.

Mesh can be used by faculty and staff groups.

Mesh can be used by social groups.

The amazing thing about Mesh is even though these are separate groups, they are all connected through one University.

A University is a community of people. Within that University community lies thousands of additional micro-communities that are specific to each and every individual.

For example, I was once a student enrolled in a professional writing curriculum. I lived in Dennison Hall. I lived in Swing Hall. I participated in an entrepreneurial student organization. I participated in Startup Weekend. I participated in a student trip to Harvard.

Each one of the classes I took as an undergrad exists in Mesh as a community from which I am able to communicate, engage, ask questions, share resources, and build a sense of belonging with my classmates and professors.

The same holds true for a student organization.

The same holds true for a staff committee.

The same holds true for a residence hall.

For each of these communities, Mesh bypasses the need for users to gather and share any personal phone numbers. Mesh bypasses the need for users to rely on email.

In Mesh, everyone at your University is already there automatically upon login.

Communication is at the heart of what we do.

Mesh is more than a simple messaging application. Mesh is a tool that builds community, a sense of belonging, and enables University members to collaborate, share, ask, create, learn, educate, and so much more.

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