Unlike Anything Else

Mesh is not an LMS. Mesh is not email. Mesh is not Slack. Mesh is in a class of its own. Learn more below how Mesh differs from products you already know.

What can Mesh offer that other communication platforms can’t?

Mesh vs Slack

Mesh to Universities is what Slack is to Businesses

Also known as the “Slack for Higher Education”, Mesh is built specifically for Higher Education Institutions.

A Slack team is an enclosed environment. That is, people in separate Slack teams are unable to communicate with one another.

Mesh brings the entire University into one unified solution, and then breaks down into teams and communities relevant to each specific user

This way, users are able to connect and collaborate with anyone on campus, even if they aren’t a member of the same teams.

Mesh + Your LMS

Mesh and your LMS complement one another like PB&J.

While the LMS is great for facilitating grades, curriculum, and assignments, Mesh fills in the gaps when it comes to campus communication and collaboration.

With Mesh, users don’t only have access to their classes, but they also have access to everyone else who’s a part of their University experience.

This is true for student organizations, residence halls, departments, committees, events, teams, and so much more.

Mesh vs Email

Slow, clunky, and stressful or fast, reliable, and productive?

It is no secret that students don’t check email. Today’s students are also referred to as, “Digital Natives”. Digital Natives didn’t grow up on email, they grew up using text messaging.

Everything in Mesh occurs in real-time and is delivered to your mobile device, tablet, or desktop screen using push notifications.

Mesh creates for ongoing conversations that can take place anytime, anywhere.

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Mesh is an engagement machine that fuels conversations, facilitates collaboration, and helps instill a sense of belonging for students, faculty, and staff in Higher Education.


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