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2019 EDU Timeline

Update: 24 October 2018

Mesh Intelligent Communications, Inc. Mesh is now a Delaware Corporation. Our conversion docs were signed 24 Oct 2019 and are effective. This prepares the company to accept an institutional investment.

Mesh begins its board creation. Now that we are a C-Corp, our next goal is to raise funds to scale the company. To that end, we are beginning the process of identifying potential board members. We have identified 2 candidates already and will seek to fill our board positions with the people that can help raise money and scale the company from experience and expertise.

Mesh for Education. Mesh is now in use at University of Miami, Oxford. Mesh and Miami have executed a rich MOU that culminates in a paid subscription as well as the University taking a 2% equity stake in the company. Miami has given Mesh 2 capstone classes to do marketing research, branding, design, and use testing. The Miami relationship is strong and going very smoothly. In January 19′ there will be a J-Term A/B pilot, and the Spring Semester is scheduled for IMS Departmental deployment.

The Fall 2019 Freshman class will be the first campus-wide deployment of Mesh. Mesh will be commercially available to all universities by May 2019. The application will be distributed as an LTI application (API) on This method of distribution allows near immediate deployment at any university that desires to use the product.

Mesh for Business: Mesh has drawn significant interest from organizations that want a corporate-wide communication platform. From hospitals to international airports, Mesh allows organizations with hundreds/thousands of members to efficiently/directly communicate through the app. Mesh has identified a potential enterprise partner to team with (as we have with Miami University) to leverage the core functionality of Mesh while developing industry specific features unique to the commercial user’s sector.

Mesh 2019. As Mesh moves into 2019, we plan to obtain funding in order to scale our team and expand into a parallel market strategy. We have secured a second capstone group from Miami that will focus entirely on our enterprise market and subsequent feature set starting in Feb 2019. Together with our EDU product, Mesh will be available for Higher Education and Enterprise users by May/June 2019.


Sneak Peek

Mesh will be introducing its new 3.0 version with big new features in 2019.

New Technology Stack: 3.0

*Now in Alpha testing at Miami

  • Far exceeds 2.0’s capabilities
  • Working directly with Google Cloud Platform team, starting with a Firebase Serverless Architecture
  • Bleeding edge Web Components with Polymer.js
  • Firestore and Polymer set version 3.0’s reliability and scalability


Simple, modern, interactive alert system for Universities and Enterprise users…

A panic button in your pocket.

No need to opt-in with your cell number. No need to create an account. No complex learning curve.

Just tap the Emergency tab in Mesh and discreetly send an alert to university officials or your corporate security team.
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Dynamic localizations

Send a message to anyone on your campus or in your organization from Mesh and the message will be translated into the language selected on the recipients phone.

For example, Send “Hello” to Miguel and he will receive “Hola”

Translations work both directions so speaking with members of your organization or campus can be done in their native tongue if desired.

Our thanks for your give

Mesh is a technology company with proprietary technology. In return for your investment, fueling the company’s transformative growth, and affirming your commitment to the company’s forward momentum, Mesh is giving you an opportunity to have early stage equity in its disruptive, first of its kind, platform.

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